What I am about to share with you is classified…

What I am about to share with you is classified please do not repeat outside of the ThoughtWorkers sacred silo. We have begun our mission…

We cast the net across the universe for alchemists of agile processes, masters of dev solutions and pursuers of productisations. After rigorous recruitment and secret rights of passage the initial superheroes have been assembled. Earthlings refer to them as ThoughtWorkers…

Angelica is the foundation of the team, think of Wonder Woman but instead of an invisible lasso, code is her special weapon. Tania is the neural network creator and therefore reality definer. Steph is manifesting the ancient Manifesto of channeling the energy of the world through sacred art, but now infused with technology. Andrew as the male energy subtly guides and gently directs these powerful female forces… As for myself I am known as Karen and am merely a common artist living in an uncommon time and this is our story…

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